Upper lateral teeth of Carcharoides catticus are not difficult to identify and are determined properly by most of the collectors. The other teeth positions are more difficult and are often identified as other Odontaspididae. Upper lateral teeth can be identified by the triangular crown in an oblique angle on the root, pointing to the corner of the mouth. Upper lateral teeth also have firm triangular side cusps.

The most important characteristic of lower lateral teeth, is the symmetry of the tooth.

The difference between upper and lower anterior teeth is in the crown inclination. On Upper anterior teeth, the crown is straight on the root and you can see a curve in the tip of the tooth to the labial side. On Lower anterior teeth there is a curve in the crown to the lingual side.

Carcarhoides catticus also have an intermediate position. These teeth are only a few milimeters big. You can identify those by the odd shaped root. I don't have a specimen in my collection to show. You can find a nice example on

Carcharoides totuserratus has the same dentition. The difference between the species is that Carcharoides totuserratus are fully serrated. 

Upper lateral Carcharoides catticus


Lower lateral Carcharoides catticus


Upper anterior Carcharoides catticus


Lower anterior Carcharoides catticus