Carcharoides and this Project

The genus Carcharoides includes only two species: Carcharoides catticus and Carcharoides totuserratus. Difference between the two species is that teeth of C. totuserratus are fully serrated. C. catticus can have serrations too, but less developed as C. totuserratus. Until 2011 the genus was located under the family Lamnidae, that also includes genera like Carcharodon and Isurus. Since 2011 Carcharoides is moved to the family Odontaspididae (Reinecke et al., 2011), that also includes the genus Araloselachus. One of the reasons was that teeth from the lower jaw of Carcharoides, has more similar features with this family, than with Lamnidae. Teeth of Carcharoides are found from the Oligocene until the Middle Miocene.

This project is started to research to study the finds and variations of Carcharoides worldwide. I hope many collectors will take the time, to share data of their finds to this project. The more information we get, the more reliable the results will be. You can help by sending information and/or pictures of your finds. I am also interested in trading or buying teeth. If you have literature, that is not yet posted in the literature page, please let me know too.

Information, pictures and literature can be sended via email to 'carcharoides at fossilhunter dot nl'

On this website, the most up to date information of this genus will be shared. There is also an overview of locations all over the world where teeth of Carcharoides are found. Last, we included a overview of literature, that describes Carcharoides. If you have further suggestions for this project, send a message to 'carcharoides at fossilhunter dot nl'.